Coming back home after an adventure – The Memories

As the saying goes, the surroundings have a massive impact on human nature and mentality. The United States is my homeland, but since I started traveling and visiting new places, meeting new people, everything in me changed, the culture I left in the United States, nature I had in my homeland is all transformed into an all-new variant. Though this was my second visit overseas, it should minimize the deception of taking the US as a foreign land, but it didn’t anyway.

My first trip took me eighteen months to complete, and upon returning, I just had this feeling that something’s different. Something’s different going on here, something’s different going in me. And that difference was actually “the change”. The change which I have got after visiting the new places with new people. Even though there wasn’t a change in that place, the place is as same as before, same routes, same routines, same bars, same restaurants, same foods, the same type of people but it is me who changed. And then finally I realized that the problem is not with the place it is with me.

You know what, the places, the activities, the practices do not change. Therefore, sometimes we get disturbed. Not because we are having a different environment but having the same environment for a long period. And when you go to a new place, meet new people, try new things, you expect those things to happen in your homeland as well. But the fact is, the place is always normal in everything, it is just you want to look at it in another or a new way. Which could be disturbing for others.

Now, let me tell you what I have seen. When I got back home after my trip of 18 months, the first thing I wanted to do is to tell my friends and family people what am I feeling right now. What have I learned at that place? What things I have done at that place? I mean, Each and everything related to my journey, place, staying, people, food, etc. but the problem is, it is me who travelled and visited the place that means no one is going to hear those things the way I was expecting. And this is simple science, you can never have the actual feeling or interest if you haven’t experienced the related thing! However, your close circle people will hear you, but it would hardly last for 5 to 7 minutes. As soon as time passes, their interest and attention level would get diverted. In other words, they would get bored hearing you continuously talking about your journey. Now, do not take this wrong. Because if you were in their place you would feel the same too. It is natural.

After reaching home and resting for almost a day, I drove to my favourite bar with one of my friends. While driving, I was experiencing that am I in the right town? Is it my homeland? Even though nothing was changed. It just my mind that was giving me the pictures of the roads on which I have been driving for the past 18 months. And I nearly forgot that this the same road on which I have been driving for years like I just found the road new to me. But now these roads are giving me a kind of new experience just because I haven’t been driving on them lately. So, this is the power of “the change”. Sometimes, all you need is “a change”. However, it could be any sort of change or might be a break.

Now, as we reached the bar, I have found the same guy who serves drinks. We have ordered the same soda which we used to drink; every activity seemed pretty much the same as before. But when I took a sip it was like I am drinking this soda for the very first time in my life even though the drink was the same as before but my taste has been changed because of drinking different sodas occasionally for the past 18 months. And I was enjoying drinking that same soda like I am drinking it for the first time. This is called a break. When you get a break from a regular thing you eventually get to know its actual value and you enjoy it because you were having a break doing that thing.

These are the two major examples of ‘the change’. And it only happened because I left my homeland and tried to visit a new place and do new things for some time. It just made me realize the values of daily things that I have not been able to enjoy anymore. In my experience, this is the most useful thing for our generation and probably the best feeling you would ever get, try to make a change, or try to take a break from things. Not only you will understand the actual values but also, you will find yourself happier and prevent conditions like; anxiety, stress, or depression.  

And the best and easy option to make a change is, ‘traveling’. Believe me, traveling has the power to change your entire mood and condition. Because, while traveling you get to know new things, new routines, new people, new places, new feelings which help you in changing your thoughts, desires, and others. If you can’t go overseas for any specific reasons, just try to stay at another location for a couple of days. Try to change your way of clothing, try to change your taste in food, try to do the things which you often do not do. And eventually, you would be thankful to me!

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