How to have a Magical Wedding at a Very Low Cost

The most memorable day of our life is your wedding. That moment is magical when you and your partner start a new journey together at the same place, and you want to enjoy every single moment of your wedding with your family and friends. Most of us would like to celebrate this magical moment of their life at the most beautiful place, and a ceremony that is well planned and all things happen just as you thought about it. But, this type of wedding can cost you more than you’ve imagined. During recent years weddings scored too much, and the price reached over thirty thousand dollars. Many people waste a lot of their money on their wedding, and some try to sow their wealth by having a grand ceremony at their wedding. However, this type of wedding can be extravagantly priced for your budget, so we have rounded some ideas that that can help you a lot in planning your magical wedding without affecting your budget.

Make your Guestlist Short

The number of the guest list shows the cost of the wedding. Most of the cost will go to your reception, and the majority of the things that will cost you are decoration, alcohol, and food also in the entertainment of your guests. So it is all about the invitation, the more people you invite to your wedding, the more it will cost you.

Just try to keep your guest list as low as possible because this is the best way to make your wedding affordable. Call only a hundred or fewer people rather than calling more than that. You can also arrange your venue at a much smaller place, or even you can decorate someone’s backyard as a venue or even home its lager for the arrangement of your guests. That’s how you can save so much of your cost on the venue.

Choose any Unusual Wedding Location.

There are so many parks around the city that will cost very little fees or even no fees because these parks are generally made for the public, and you can take advantage of that. These parks will give a beautiful location and outdoor ceremony that you always wished for. A small list of your guests can give you more options for making the best venue for your wedding.

For instance, a nearby craftsmanship exhibition hall that you realize glances shocking in the correct light can be convinced to close for a night for a less expensive expense than a conventional setting, and without the related challenges like least headcounts, the desire for tips, and enlarged costs that accompany the wedding business. Search for far removed spots to hold your wedding.

Try to Borrow Decoration 

It is only one day of your wedding and spending much amount on those things that you only can use for only that day is not a good idea. Renting decoration lights and linens can cost you hundreds of dollars. Borrowing linens and lights instead will cost you nothing, and you can use it without any trouble.

Borrowing things like browsing Craigslist and speakers for the decoration of the wedding can cut download the budget of your wedding decorations covers a huge part of your budget for the wedding if you borrow these things you easily can save a lot of your money.

Ask Help from your Family or Friends

Try to get help in such a manner that you can save your money. Like if someone in your family is entrusted to perform any musical show at your wedding, you ask them to perform, and any of your cousins or friend is having a digital camera, you can ask them the shooting your wedding instead of calling a professional photographer. They also need your help so pay them as a gift.

If anyone in your family works in the bar, give them the duty of mixing the drinks for the guests. If anyone on your friend’s list is in the orchestra, ask them to record some peace on the special day of your wedding. Even you can choose someone as your wedding planner to help you out in managing the whole wedding event so that it could be very helpful to you.

Plan your Wedding According to the Season

Summers are the most expensive time period for a wedding, as most of the people are arranging their weddings during this period, so everything is at its highest price rates. The best time for a wedding in winter and fall you can get everything at its best price and with much pleasant weather. During winters tends to come with cooler nights, so the solution of that is to arrange your wedding during the daytime that is not so much demanding and very cheaper to book.

Also, utilizing nourishments and blossoms that are in-season and privately developed can spare boatloads in expenses. Blossoms alone can wrack up hundreds, up to a great many dollars, particularly for a wedding that utilizations unavailable or colorful plants or supplies blossoms for the whole marriage party.

However, this day comes only once in your life, so it shouldn’t look dull because of your budget. Plan your wedding very smartly so that you will not have to compromise on aby thing and it also went without leaving your wallet empty next time.

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