Why do you need to travel now?

Travelling is a very important part of our life, it makes us able to see the world as it is! For the past few years, I have been thinking that as a woman, what would be the best time for me to start travelling? Should I complete my studies first? should I get a job first? or maybe I should start travelling occasionally? so in that regard, I searched a lot of famous traveller’s blogs and their opinions & tips regarding travelling. However, I found one thing which is quite similar in all the of the blogs and probably the best topic for those people who wants to start travelling. And that topic was; “do not waste your time finding the right time for travelling. If you want to travel just do it right now or else you won’t be able to travel because there is no perfect time for travelling, you would always get excuses and reasons for not travelling and eventually you would only regret that why did I not travel before.

Well, this isn’t just a thought. Let me show you an astonishing article written by “Kristin Addis” who is a well-known blog writer and a famous traveller. In that article, she explained to the core of why it’s never the perfect time for travel.

That’s how it goes…

“I want to say something to those people who have been thinking lately to start travelling but couldn’t able to accomplish till now. first of all, do not think too much because when you think of a certain topic, your brain gives you all the positive and negative reasons regarding your thought and eventually you get confused that either you should or shouldn’t do it. Even though you got to think of every aspect of your life before doing but travelling is exceptional. If you want to travel just pack your bag and step out to your house this is the simple phenomenon of travelling. This is my personal experience that if you make yourself questioning on travelling then you will always find more and more questions. And these questions will always help in keeping travelling at bay.

Life is too short and it hasn’t been fair to anyone in this world. You have to face every possible aspect. For instance, Money, relationships, families, friends, jobs, medical conditions and many more. But as far as travelling is a concern, you got to be independent at all. As being a traveller, I guess there are hundreds of benefits you can get from travelling and it helps in making you a slightly independent and careless person which would be very helpful for you in your future life because as I said, life will not be as easy as it looks!  

Now… a very common problem occurs that; “I am a woman I have to look over each and everything. How can I travel?”. So, here are some simple answers to the questions which I know you have already got in your mind after reading above paragraphs.

  1. You don’t need a large amount of money for travelling.

The first thing that comes in our mind after hearing the word Travelling is; Money.

Like, from where can I get enough money or how will I afford travelling? So, let me tell you that in the earlier stage or the starting, you should avoid travelling like a frequent traveller. I mean just try to normalize the travelling rather than making it your first and last trip.

There is always an alternative available for everything. Try to use cheaper accommodations, foods, transportations, routes etc. ‘Travelling’ should be considered as the main motive it doesn’t matter ‘how you are travelling’. Just try to enjoy the little and simple things. However, when you will become able to make enough money (probably more than $100,000 annually) then go-ahead for the most comfortable and luxurious ways of travelling. No one can stop you!

  • Relationships can wait.

And what about the relationship? My partner? Soulmate? what if I won’t be able to travel after getting into a family?

My dear, a good family or a good relationship will always keep travelling their priority so there is no need for negativity. Although I know, while travelling alone you make a distance between your love life and your personal life but if your partner is a right person for you then he will always support your dreams/goals or he might say “may I join you?”. what else do you need then. No doubt, a trip with your favourite person will always be your best experience of travelling. However, travelling alone might be the reason you found that perfect person? Like, who knows… Destiny always plays!!!

  • Yes, you are a woman but you don’t have to always stay at home.

As a woman, I have been through all of these lines. ‘you should stay home, stay normal, do not go anywhere, blah blah blah”. Since I travelled all over the world, I have seen that the world is not that much bad as it has been portrayed. Even though there are still some good people out there who might help you but you should aware of scams and hoodwinked which is very familiar in the term travelling. Try to visit safe and secure locations. Consider using public transports. I must say if you are travelling alone then you need to be strong and confident as you are a frequent traveller. Do make the right decisions and plans. Do not trust too much on strangers use your body’s top floor if you have one Lol. Jokes apart as we all know that too much innocence can lead you to danger. Try to be smart but not over-smart!

  • No place is perfectly secure, Even your homeland.

Tell me one thing. How would you rate your area security on a scale of 1-10? If your answer is under 10 (up to 9) then you would probably get my point. You can’t give 10 to your homeland from where you belong or where you grew up. So how can you consider the world as a perfectly secure place? There will always be some sort of risk and danger. it’s up to you how you going to manage them. For instance, maybe the desired trip includes new and unknown locations & routes then try to bring someone with you. Any individual from friends and family would be fine. Apart from these, normal and well-known location can be visited by yourself. Again, get some advice from experienced people and try to think as much smarter as you can!

  • Travelling alone is not a big deal.

When I was writing in the above paragraph that ‘joining someone would be a nice option for a new location’, I just had an important thing to tell you so here’s what it is. In most of the times, it is better to travel on your own and not joining anyone. Why? because the main reason for travelling is; to get a break from everything. To get a break from the same environment, technologies & gadgets, the same routines, and same people as well. So, in that regard, try to avoid being with the same people on the trip or else you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest. But again, visiting an unknown/danger location with someone is exceptional. Now, as far as travelling alone is a concern, so there are so many benefits regarding that, you can check it out in various articles & researches. But mainly, when you stay away from those typical routines and technologies and doing something new or unusual; you help prevent anxiety & depression or at least you feel more peaceful than before. Not believing? Then just try it once and then tell me your experience in the comment section. 😊

  • Parents think from their point of view or experience.

Now, let’s end this topic. Last but not the least; “how to convince parents for allowing me to travel”? sounds familiar. Isn’t it? Well, it is a very common reason for not travelling. Because, in most cases when you ask your parents to let you go somewhere, they just don’t allow it. I know it feels so bad. They just come out of nowhere and ruins your whole plan. But now, consider yourself as a parent and think!

Will you allow your kid to go at someplace which you haven’t seen before or maybe you’ve heard some rumours about it? Will you let your kid go alone on a dangerous trip? Will you be able to make yourself calm after not seeing your kid for months? I already know the answers so you do not have to answer. Anyways, got my point? Parents always want our safety. They know the concepts and the world better than us. And when we grow older and become parents, we got the same experiences and concepts. So, first of all, try to travel with your parents. Show them your smartness and intelligence by which they will able to let you travel more and more.

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