Features launched with new IOS update

IOS doesn’t need an introduction at all, as well as accepting the fact that it provides the most amazing and advanced features among all other systems. Most of you have already updated your phones with the latest IOS update (version 14.4) but very few of you are completely familiar with all the features it provides.

So, we’re going to make of list of some amazing features that you can access with the latest IOS update.

App Library

App library gives you the advantage of arranging your apps according to your need. However, you don’t need to arrange them by yourself, or else you can do it if you want something different, but most commonly the system arranges the apps itself according to similar categories with the best part, keeping your recently used apps on the top, so you can access them even more easily and faster. It keeps changing with the usage of applications.

You can access to app library by simply swipe left your home page to the last page. Also, it gives you an option of hiding the app pages so, it will make your home screen clearer and make you comfortable opening the applications which you use frequently.

Home screen widgets

Screen widgets are fun! With the new home screen widget, you can access your applications directly on the widget without the need of opening the application. You can swipe right the home screen and you will see the list of all the home screen widgets. However, it consists of different sizes that you can choose according to which app you want to add to the widget. I guess this is the best feature in the new update, because it saves a lot of your time if you are driving, cooking, or doing anything else, you can easily get snapshots of your desired application by just unlocking the phone, swiping right, and nothing else. You can modify it with your desired styles and appearance, though we have seen some TikTokers are already making it normalize by uploading videos about their design and styles of the home screen.

Adaptive lighting

Another amazing feature in the new update is Adaptive lighting which lets the colour of your screen be changed automatically throughout the whole day. I mean you really don’t need to change the colour of the screen related to morning, afternoon, and evening, the system itself will do that for you. how cool!

It was just an idea a few months back but since the new update has come, we are able to experience it from now on.


We all know that how much translation is important nowadays in the era of digital marketing or online marketing. So, the new feature of the IOS update allows you to translate your message to any specific language right at the moment without being delayed or without an active connection. It has 3 different modes. The first one is the normal handy display mode in which you are able to communicate to others with a secondary language translator. The second mode is attention mode, which allows you to convey messages at the same time while being translated and it catches the voice more accurately and more clearly. And the third mode which is actually the conversation mode, allows you to talk with the other person (of any other language) while showing the translated message on half of the screen. It makes communication easier with a secondary language person.  

If you want to access this translation feature without an active connection so you can simply download any specific language from the system to the device. However, the actual version only accessible in the cloud.

Privacy labels in the app store

Well, this one is something related to a controversial feature. Some find it helpful while some don’t. the new feature allows the store applications to stick a label into their icon or logo so users can easily find out which sort of information or data it will be going to ask them, and either it will be posted anonymously or by their true identity. But Afterall, it’s a good thing because you can able to manage your data prior according to most of the application’s requirements.

Separation of focus and exposure in the camera

Attention all photographers out there, this new feature is going to be breath-taking for all iPhone camera lovers. As you know apple’s camera is just amazing at all, but from now on it is giving you more appropriate controls while taking photos of either your favourite foods, cars, or sunsets. It just did an amazing thing which is known as the separation of controls of focus and exposure accordingly but at the same time. Now, you can lock the camera focus on the spot that you think is perfect, and then you can control the exposure without losing the focus. Only the true photographer will relate to this.

Message mentions

We don’t want to miss an important discussion in the group chat while working. Do we? And especially when we are involved in the discussion. But sometimes we are not able to open the group chats to read the whole conversation so in that regard, with the new update, participants can type “@” and mention the person directly and you will get the notification right at the moment. Also, you can add your automatic replies to the chat without actually opening the chat.

Recording indicator

iPhone is becoming smarter and smarter while it comes to security issues. Sometimes we might feel that some applications are recording or listening in the background so that they can pop up with new and irritating ads. Therefore, the new recording indicator feature allows the users to find out whenever the camera or microphone is recording anything. You can easily view it through the dot which is appeared on your home screen at the top right corner. It actually indicates any type of recording within the actual time.

App clips

This feature is for those applications which you abandoned once or you just use once in a while. The app clips provide different ways to scan the QR code, click the map link, messages, or safari. It doesn’t itself be added on the home screen widget. However, when the 5G technology becomes normal it will download the App clips without even being noticed.

Bike direction in map

This feature is very helpful for bikers, Apple says that they were requested to add cycling direction in the map more than any other source of transportation. So now, you can experience the bike direction as cycling direction in the map which tells you the perfect and appropriate route for bikers only, with lower traffic and waiting spots so you can take your meal in between the journey. However, this feature is accessible only in NYC and San Francisco yet, but Apple is looking forward to making it accessible in other places as well.

Tap the back to launch

Last but definitely not least, this feature is related to the accessibility category in which, users can tap the backside of the phone to perform different actions, like, you can tap two or three times on the back of the phone to take a screenshot, as well as there are some other features which can perform the tasks by simply shaking the device and not touching the screen.

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