Feeling Blue – Exploring Nature is the Solution

Ever heard about Mark Manson? Well, he is an American author, book writer & blogger. He has controversially written some famous books on the topics related to “lifestyle, conditions & advice, and how to change your way of living”. While keeping in mind that, most of the people are suffering from stress & anxiety nowadays and using plenty of antidepressants. In that regard, Mark Manson mentioned a topic in his blog which is like “how travelling taught him to live stress-free and how travelling taught him the things which are necessary”. And after reading that topic I thought everybody should know about it as it is the most effective and easiest way to help prevent stress and anxiety.

Now without wasting a single second let’s explore to the core.

Mark Manon says that…

“While travelling, you build a connection with your surrounded world. For instance, you might get new experiences like new roads, new peoples, new cultures, new facts, new information, & new things. Even though some experiences may not allow you to memorize them but eventually you still get to memorize them in terms of bad experience or lessons. As I remember vomiting in most of the places I have visited. And I remember an amazing (not bad) experience like changing my punctured tyre in India and the people just got amazed by this act.

Also, I remember some interesting moments like a useless debate with a drunk teenager in a hostel. who said; was 9/11 a kind of prank? And I remember climbing The Great Wall of China in a state of hangover. And an old man, who was saying that he stationed in a Soviet U-boat off the coast of Mississippi in the 1970s although this couldn’t be true. I remember a boat trip in Bali which is, unfortunately, hoodwinked. Apart from all of these, I remember that spectacular night when I met my wife in a Brazilian night club. (I wish I could remove that night from the trip Lol)

However, there are many more things apart from the mentioned ones that I still remember and I think I won’t be able to forget till my last breath.

Now, here comes the most important part for all in which I realized that travelling changes you or it has the power to bring you out from your comfort zone. And I think avoiding your comfort zone is very important if you want to make yourself successful.

In the daily activities or routines, you probably have a specific idea that this routine or activity will lead you at what place or position. For instance, if I start swimming on the daily basis that means I am going to get more stamina and strength or if I start eating carrots that means I am going to improve my eyesight, if I start smoking that means I am going to lose my health of lungs. But travelling is exceptional. In travelling, you don’t know what experience you are going to get or what is going to happen.

As far as the experience is a concern, so I am the perfect example. I have got so many experiences in terms of positive experience. I have learned so many things like foreign cultures and practises, history, ancient facts, different country laws and rules etc. I mean travelling can give you all of the things which you didn’t have in the past. However, it can give you more benefits than you have ever expected. It teaches you what you don’t know about the world.

As I said earlier, travelling can change your way of living. Take me as an example. I used to be afraid of staying alone or I didn’t have this courage that I could stay alone but after spending years of travelling I came into the conclusion that I am finally able to stay alone or even I made myself comfortable being alone. I mean I used to be that type of person who is more likely to get interacted and surrounded with people. I always had a big circle of friends and family but one day when I returned home in the middle of 2010 after a long trip of 8 months from Portugal, I just realized that somehow, I am changed now and I can live by my own from now on. I guess it all happened somewhere in the Europe region may be in Holland.

Similarly, I used to be short-tempered like if in case there is a lot of sugar in my tea I would get angry, if someone overtakes me on the road I would get angry if someone stares me the wrong way oh my God I would get mad in this situation I mean I used to get angry often at stupid things. But when you meet new peoples at the new places and when you keep yourself close to nature more than technologies then you would become patient and calm. I got this feeling when I was sitting at a bus stop and waiting for the bus. I just realized that Woah! The bus is late and I am still fine. This is all because of travelling and doing the things which are unfamiliar for you.

let’s talk about another factor. When you travel a lot, you will get new ideas. Your ability for making decisions gets stronger and eventually, you become fearless while taking risks. In the state of depression or stress, it is hard to make a proper decision so in that case, you should start travelling I mean you just need to get a change in your environment or lifestyle and in that regard, there won’t be any good option than travelling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a long or a short trip. To be honest, I am not a therapist or a doctor I just have learnt these basic things from travelling. I used to be a super-depressed person and I have been losing interests in my daily activities lately. Even though I have tried many simple ways to help prevent it (without hiring a therapist/doctor) but it was getting worse and worse so one day I decided that maybe I should leave my current place and try to live somewhere else. And Boom! It worked for me. Since then, I became keen of travelling and I suggest every depressed person try this for once.

Those are just three examples which I discussed. I also have many more true examples for benefits of travelling like; appreciating my parents, better communication with people, enjoying little things. Living stress-free life, not overthinking, facing and accepting the uncomfortable/unusual situations, failing of an idea or plan, and many others. so, you see? If I start writing all the proved benefits for travelling, I would probably be ended up with a whole book consisting of almost 20+ chapters. Which will be difficult to read for some lazy people out there so I rather chose to make it easier and interesting for everyone.

In the end, I would strongly recommend that; Do travel! You will see the change in your life by yourself.

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