Are you a Travel Addict?

Do you get excited when traveling is discussed? If yes, then a travel bug has got you. If your heart desires a change of scenery or dream about flying to different travel destinations, or if you keep adding places to your to-visit list, congratulation, you are a traveling addict. No medication has been invented to cure it. Once you become addicted to is there’s no way back. The traveling bug gets worse as time passes, and stay within yourself forever. You have it for a whole lifetime. But there is nothing to worry about because you are the only one. I also suffer from travel addiction, and my whole life revolves around traveling. It’s like traveling is in my blood. All I think about is which place to travel to next. Sounds relatable?

Maybe you are wondering that a travel bug has infected you. Some symptoms are discussed below that might tell that you are a travel addict too:

Traveling may have won your interest when you were very young. You use to ask your friends for trips. You have watched almost everything on the internet related to traveling. You must be a fan of Anthony Bourdain (RIP). You have left no episode unseen of Parts Unknown and No Reservation. Travel guide books are books of your taste. You plan imaginary trips. Google flights are always in your recents. You have signed in for every newsletter possible. “Where are you from” is the question you mostly ask others, even when you can tell by their accent.

Traveling in in your blood and mind if you are habitual of wearing flip-flops in the shower or taking a toilet paper everywhere you go. Your two most used apps are XE Currency Converter and Google Translate. You carry the currency of other countries because you don’t know when what happens. To increase handiness, you always have a packed suitcase. You have got uncountable sim cards. A travel playlist is always there on your iPod. You have memorized airport codes instead of city names.

You can identify just by looking at the logos or the saying on their T-shirts where the people have been. On many airlines, you bear an elite flyer status. In a year, you got a chance to attend multiple travel conferences. Instead of paintings, your walls carry maps. It tortures you not to travel anywhere for a while. Airports are your safe place, and you feel relaxed there. Travel websites and travel blogs are what consumes most of your time.

Your most subscribed magazines are related to traveling. The more you travel, the more your to-travel list extends. It never shortens. You always value rates or money in terms of how much it costs if you travel somewhere. For example, “the television costs a lot; I may spend ten days in Paris with that money.” Or “Let’s buy this one, it’s equal to only five days’ stay in Paris.”

You always have a collection of luggage tags gifted by your relatives, friends, or family on a holiday or a visit. Your behavior is like a travel writer. You just need a chance to talk about traveling. If people ask about your hobbies, your only reply is traveling. It kills people to leave home; you crave for leaving home. “Vagabond” will be your answer if anyone asks for your profession.

Just to be precise, you fill your passport before the year ends and preplan your trips for almost a decade. You keep travel guidebooks as trophies. There must be a map tattooed somewhere on your body. Your social media posts are all about traveling, so much that people seek you out for traveling advice.

If you have all of these symptoms present in you, Congratulations! You are addicted to traveling.

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