Body burnout after intense work is not a new thing. It is also known as Chronic stress. The current pandemic situation has increased the chances of the body getting burned out in no time. The average age, a person’s body starts getting burned out is 32 years. A recent study reveals that the growing culture of “Work from Home” in this pandemic situation has increased the burned ratio. People who stay glued in front of electronic screens when doing office work at home are falling prey to the body burnout problem. 

Boris Johnson’s announcement in which he stated that offices should continue WFH until the spring of 2021 is an alarming sign. The experts believe that the body burnout problem will increase rapidly. Research conducted by the “The Office Group” confirms that working for long hours without a break is a serious concern. It is one of the significant reasons why the stress rate increases, ultimately resulting in complete body burnout.


Shilpa Panchmatia, a business coach who has worked with many business owners and business executives, quoted that the line between work time and playtime has become completely blurred. Getting continuous messages from the bosses and project management department regarding the assignments requires the person to stay available every time. People not knowing whether it’s day or night are just making sure they stay available almost 24-hours. COVID situation has increased the workload. All-day work with no extra activity makes the person mentally weak. Whole day availability increases the stress level of a person. At one point, the body stops taking stress making the person burned out.

Entrepreneurs who have just started the businesses are also at risk of getting burned out. At first, working long hours looks easy, but eventually, the energy levels drain out at one point. People are in a very under-pressure situation. They keep on working, ignoring the safety concerns just to become prominent. Little do they know that this will cause more damage to their work rate in the future. Having a passion for work is a good thing, but it becomes hazardous when it becomes an obsession.

Work and home should have balance; otherwise, life becomes challenging. People working from homes should know the risks “WFH” is carrying. Dr. Bella Smith, General Physician, conveyed a message through Instagram in which she insists on the importance of work-life-balance and urges people to visit their preferred doctors in case of any health, emotional or mental concern.


Burnout is a condition where a person feels exhaustion, both physically and mentally. It occurs because of extreme stress and lack of support. A person feels restless and can’t give proper to the work he wants to complete. A person finds himself in helpless situations every time. His relationships, emotions, and physical health are badly affected. 

An anxiety expert, Chloe Brotheridge, once said that the hectic work schedule is a common reason for people’s high-stress rate. People feel burnout when they push themselves beyond the limit and try to stay active in front of their bosses without taking care of whether it’s day or night. Once you start getting burned out, there is no coming back from it. 


There are plenty of reasons why a person gets burned-out. Dr. Smith explained the burnout condition in easy words. She said that burnout does not happen only because of working for long hours without any breaks. It happens when a person loses control of himself. He starts thinking that he is not right for the job anymore. She added that sometimes in burnout cases, the person suffering from it does not feel it, but someone else notices it by looking at your work or not adequately coping with the world.

Dr. Imogen Bexfield, Director of White Swan Aesthetics, indicates that heavy office workload, working overtime, no proper night sleep, and taking stress for not achieving the deadline or set targets are signs of a burnout state. It makes a person go burned-out, where he feels under-pressure in every situation.


The symptoms of burnout conditions are not very detectable at first glance. It is not a condition that starts appearing in one day. A person might take around weeks or months to realize that he has been going through a burnout phase. Few signs might give you an idea whether your body has started going into a burnout state or not.

If you have many airplanes traveling in your work routine and feel exhausted after a long flight, this might be a sign of your body getting burnout. You’ll feel fatigued, your immune system might get disturbed, and you’ll start feeling irritated without any reason. Don’t think that this is just everyday stress. It is a severe sign of the body getting burned-out.

Emotional symptoms include feeling guilty about yourself, thinking whether you are not good enough for the job. You start feeling negative about yourself and try getting detached from the people around you. Your eating habits start getting disturbed, and constant headache problems indicate that the body burnout has begun. 


The first and foremost thing is to detect the burnout symptoms at an early stage. If detected, start changing your lifestyle. Balance your work and life routines. Give your brain a good rest after long working hours if you feel any of the above symptoms. Don’t hesitate to visit your general physician. 

Remember, if the burnout state is left untreated, it can be life-threatening. Dr. Bexfield says that if you don’t give yourself attention, this can lead to depression and stress-related illness. Start exercising regularly, and add walking a mile regularly to your schedule. Cut down the usage of caffeine-drinks as much as you can. Limit your social media timings. Do yoga and meditation exercises as much as you can. 

Burn-out can happen to anyone of any gender. It requires guidance and support. Proper treatment is necessary, and life balance is essential. Stay connected with your general physician if you small a bit of burnout in your daily life. 

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