New Cyclists Must Know about these Road Safety Rules

Cycling is the best exercise and hobby for most people. But people don’t choose to go anywhere on a cycle, and it becomes a new normal that people use it as the go-to transportation mode. Cycling can improve your health as it is one of the best exercises. Cycling carefully is very important because when you’re cycling on the road, you will have to face so many difficulties. Some people don’t know about the rules that are made for the cyclists, so they could not face any problems on the road. We bring some important tips that can help you while cycling.

Always Wear Protective Gear

You are not as safe on your bicycle as you are in your car. So you have to be very much careful about this because you are completely exposed to the road when you are on a bicycle. Taking all the safety measures is very important, and put on all your protective gear. If you are equipped with all your safety gear, then you are safe even if you fall on the road. Try to wear a helmet with a bright color so you can be clearly seen by other drivers. Elbow and Knee par are so important. In case if you fall from the cycle, it is your knee and elbow that hit the floor first. Signals are very important even if you are driving a car, so you must put a bell on your cycle.

Be very careful about cars.

Think if you are driving a car, so you always stay aware of all sides of your car throughout the time just like that if you are on your bicycle then don’t forget that you are still on a vehicle so always be alert and focus straight, most importantly be aware of your left and right side. You must be familiar with the signs of the road and signals. It can help you a lot while cycling.  

Cars can’t always see you.

Today most of the places are not having separate bike lanes, and just because of that, bikers have to face so many difficulties. Even if you are cycling at the side of the road, it is still dangerous for you. It is our biggest mistake that we assume cars can see us, try to make eye contact, and watch the car tires before moving. When you ride in the evening, put on the so the cars can visualize you or have the signal that you are on the road. 

Remove your Earphones 

Don’t wear your earphones while you are cycling on the road. You may have been used to listening to music, but it’s really very dangerous when you are on your cycle. It’s really important to stay alert on the road; this is not only for some specific time. You must not listen to music throughout the ride. It can distract your focus from the road, and you may not get the signals from the other vehicles.

Must wear the mask while Cycling

Due to the current situation covid19, you must wear your mask wherever you go. Cycling is completely open, so you can easily get affected by germs. You must have to be safe from any disease because health is very important. It’s a bit difficult to avoid going closer to the people. Wearing a cloth mask can help you a lot to protect yourself against germs and viruses.

Plan your route before going out

Find the places where you can get very low traffic, and it will be safe for you. Google maps can help you a lot to find the best way as google maps have very awesome features like you can monitor the traffic very easily. The red line shows the highest traffic path. This app will show you the closest way to get to your destination.

Take a Spear Tube and Patch Kit with you.

You can never rely on your cycle. It can’t always stay in perfect condition. Any emergency can happen at any time, so you must have to be prepared for any worst condition. Always take a spear tube with you. If the tire of your bicycle gets flat so you must be prepared for that. Suppose you have a spear tube and patch kit with you so you can quickly fix your tire.

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