Hacks to make Lockdown 2.0 better

Another lockdown is right around the corner. Whether you accept it or not, a second lockdown is inevitable, as it proved to be one of the best ways to reduce the deadly virus’s spreading. In this article, you will find some guidelines that’ll make your lockdown easy on your mental health and judgment sense.

Make your diet

If you are also one of those who gained weight during the first lockdown, you might be hoping to lose the excess weight till Christmas to achieve your best form. But a second lockdown is on its way, more sooner than it was expected. We all know how difficult It is to live indoors and how hard it gets to control your diet. We were in the habit of finding out calories and eating according to the diet in the last lockdown, but would it be the same this time? It’s hard to control the craving for macaroni with double cream, cheese, and streaky pork. But no one wants to know the calories it has. We are not saying that you should completely shun even the concept of deep-fried foods or cheesecakes, but you should eat all this in moderation. Go easy on yourself, as a daily workout is an essential part of the lockdown; feeling miserable about food is undoubtedly not.

Zoom Quizzes are not obligatory

Like the mid-1980s soap opera television series, “Grange Hill” launched an anti-drug campaign with a captivating slogan ‘Just Say No’; the zoom quizzes’ slogan should also be the same. Despite the good intentions of these so-called social events; these are just a burden to many people, with lousy organization skills and the false hope of geniality. They only remind you more of the more cheerful times when you could visit pubs and clubs to satisfy our hankering. So if you don’t feel like joining in, then don’t.

Stay Connected

While we all are in the same storm, we are definitely not in the same boat. It was observed that in the last lockdown, Kim K faced mass humiliation, mostly on Twitter, for hosting a massive party on her private island. Don’t act like a stranger to your friends living on their own. Be a helping hand to your neighbors and be there for family members who feel lonely or don’t have anyone to share their feelings. All this goes two times more if you are above those. When you have a comfortable and spacious boat to face the challenges of the storm, instead of curling up a family-sized bar of chocolate and relishing the lockdown, you should reach out and help people. Or ask for help yourself, as this will make this lockdown a much better and comfortable experience.

Use your privileges

Instead of shutting yourself indoors, you should go outside for exercise as it is allowed. We know how good it feels to wrap yourself in a blanket, put on some Netflix shows, and never leave your bed, but you should try to resist. You should go for a walk, around a block will be enough. You can also go for a socially distanced run with a friend, or you guys can ride bicycles together. These kinds of small workouts and activities will enhance your night’s sleep; you’ll be able to sleep more peacefully. So you can also check off another box of healthy habits.

Bring yourself under a microscope 

No one used journaling, meditation, or deep breathing exercises to get through their day in the earlier days. But today, we need to turn to modern solutions for modern problems. In the coming lockdown, make a practice of writing your thoughts, examining your feelings. To make this lockdown easy on yourself, you should take some time to meditate and focus on breathing as it calms you down. You should also maintain a journal or a diary to wire about your day, so in the end, you can judge your feeling in a better way.

Make your relationship cherish

Lockdown also affects your relationship. When you are with your partner 24 hours a day, you realize a lot about their habits that you could never, if you were not in a lockdown. You should realize that everyone needs some alone time. You should give your partner some space to grow and to craft themselves. If you are working from home, close the room’s door, try to wear headphones for work calls, you can also try to exercise separately. Take care of your spouse’s mood, discuss issues when they are in a delightful mood. Just remember you are not alone; your spouse is also facing difficulties. We understand that lockdown relationships are hard, but you can make them your happy place with efforts.

News- A drug you should avoid

If you faced some new challenges in the first lockdown, buckle up, as you are going to face some more in the second one. You might be wondering what new skills you might fail, but you don’t have to panic; practice and consistency make things easier. There are a lot of ways to keep your mind occupied while staying at home. You can enjoy music, and you can take out some time to observe nature and its delicacies, you can focus on its details. Try to focus on giving as much as you can; do good deeds. You can also read the books you were always busy to read. But avoid the temptation to scroll through your social media in your spare time, as you would be having a lot of it. Social media can make you panic and illusory. Even if you rule out the fear of missing out, there’s still no good coming out from it.

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