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Since the dawn of colonisation in Guatemala, lucrative farmland, political connections, and industrial might have been maintained—by force when necessary—by the ladinos. As a result, Maya in Guatemala are among the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Indigenous communities increasingly rely on remittances, money sent from relatives working abroad back to their family in their country of origin, to meet their basic needs. More than ten percent of Guatemala’s economy as measured by gross domestic product is generated by remittances. While data in recent years is suggesting a “genderization” of immigration, migrants from Guatemala who migrant for economic reasons tend to be male. Women who migrate are more likely to do so with other family members, while men are more likely to migrate alone.

  • We lived, on what his parents sent us, in a small room that didn’t have a place to cook so we bought our meals.
  • This results in the highest infant mortality rate in Central America and one of the world’s worst rates of malnutrition for children.
  • Many women have had enough of being seen as targets for violence and having to fear for their lives every day.
  • Her life and her work to promote women’s rights and empower indigenous communities resonate strongly with NIMD.

You were targeted even just for having a family member involved in something,” Mendez said. At annual International Women’s Day march in Guatemala, families remember those who’ve suffered from state violence. The Sepur Zarco case is about justice, as shaped by women who endured untold horror and loss, and today they are demanding to experience that justice in their everyday lives. Only one of the 11 surviving abuelas who fought for the groundbreaking case has a home in Sepur Zarco.

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In a public statement the Association of Journalists of Guatemala condemned, the harassment and attacks against journalists. Of the 1.2 billion abject poor (less than $1.00 / day) an astonishing 70% are women. We need to create new opportunities for women to take control over their financial destiny. To help thousands of women, we will publish the Woven Wind Turbine online along with instructional photos and video. From our previous projects we expect dozens of nonprofits around the world to use our designs to help create new income for poor women worldwide. In Guatemala, many people from the indigenous Qeqchi community are marginalised and struggle to get even basic medical attention, all because they do not speak Spanish.

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Jessica Méndez lives at the top of the mountain, in the hamlet of Agua Zarca. Her house is an hour and a half’s walk from Flory Magalí’s settlement. Life in each community revolves source around itself, except when the time comes to migrate to the sugar plantations on the south coast or to the farms in Honduras, or when people have to leave for good.

We are also happy to report that the 50 Indigenous Ixil women who have been participating in the project since the spring of this year continue to successfully run their small chicken farms. Most importantly, it has ensured that impoverished Ixil women now have the means to provide for their families.

All contraceptives are purchased using study funds and are sourced from a local provider of contraceptive medications and devices. All contraceptives are routinely available and approved for distribution in Guatemala. Because these are routinely available medications and the study does not testing their effectiveness as contraceptives, there are no criteria for discontinuing or modifying allocated interventions for a given trial participant such as changing the drug dosing. Women are, however, screened for contraindications to the contraceptive methods provided using the Medical Eligibility Criteria. The nurses have the eligibility criteria chart in Spanish, laminated, and included in their kit for use during study enrollment. As this is a pragmatic trial, there are no restrictions on care and interventions that are permitted or prohibited during the trial.

Help us provide women and girls with the tools to create change in their lives and the lives of their families. She also started investigations against Jimmy Morales and some of his relatives and associates, and led the important Sepur Zarco case to judgment. This was the first case in which a national court recognised and condemned sexual violence, including sexual and domestic slavery, as a crime against humanity. This success made many in the country’s ruling elite nervous, including former president Jimmy Morales, who left office in 2020 and is currently being investigated for corruption as a result of a process initiated by the CICIG. Morales’ decision to end the CICIG’s mandate in 2019, and not allow its head, Iván Velásquez, to return to the country in 2018, was deeply controversial and led to national and international outrage.

Rather, the focus can be more externally-oriented on driving initiatives like expanding regional access to specialized courts and services , funding providers, building networks, and prioritizing case-management. Connecting legal-foundational support with locally-assessed disparities can further empower participation and support individuals’ transition from victims to active agents of change. Notwithstanding some foreseeable challenges ahead, this is a start. An equally important role must be played by the international community. The United Nations, through its special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, has already expressed its “deep concern” about the current risks for the rule of law in Guatemala. US vice president Kamala Harris showed her support for the rule of law in Guatemala by meeting with several exiled justice operators, including Paz, Aldana and Porras. One periurban community and both its leaders and participants dropped out prior to randomisation due to local women’s time constraints related to employment, resulting in a final sample size of 155 women in seven communities, and 14 circle leaders.

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More than a decade later, a UN-sponsored report said this abuse had been generalised and systematic – it estimated that 25% or 50,000 of the victims of Guatemala’s war were women. The Latin American Research Review publishes original research in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/Latino studies. Founded in 1965, LARR publishes articles in the humanities and social sciences, covering the fields of anthropology, economics, history, literature and cultural studies, political science, and sociology.