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Durex Secure Sex: No Joke? The greatest teenager maternity fee of the EU nation.

Durex Secure Sex: No Joke? The greatest teenager maternity fee of the EU nation.


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As concept frontrunner, Durex got disproportionately affected by a distressing two-year decrease in condom revenue in Romania. We had been requested to counter this, supplying a 6per cent rise in Durex marketing (450K condoms).

It had been vital that Durex purchased the group change, concentrating on an increase in Brand Attribution of 5percent.


In 2019, the younger demographic in Romania was a student in the traction of a reproductive health situation;

  • The best adolescent pregnancy rates about any EU state
  • Top 10 cities in European countries for STIs, along with 5% regarding the populace afflicted

Despite condoms possessing wider delivery (merchandising, drugstore and online) and unmissable niche advertising on TV set and electronic, this wasnt translating into motion. Two thirds of Romanians (67per cent) mentioned they realized about birth-control systems, but didnt rely on them. The thing that was going on?

The clear answer depends on Romanias Soviet past; the communist regime embedded a very conventional look at sex-related dating that is still still to this day. Sex outside union happens to be frowned upon, with abstinence regarded the alternative.

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Subsequently, Romania is one of simply eight EU manhood states without a sexual health knowledge approach; young porno Romanians basically dont be given the records they really need throughout the importance of safe sexual intercourse, nor get an evident forum for talking about the subject.

The truth is, for 56% of 18-34-year olds, the company’s primary means of speaking about sex would be through kidding around with relatives, but presently well-being would bent a subject matter.

Quality cannot seem the obvious destination to create a message about risk-free sex, but constitutional / cultural laughs (anekdoty) get sturdy records in ex-Soviet countries of being a dealing procedure during times of repression; one particular type of cultural discourse and communications. To enable all of our protected love-making content to resonate with more youthful buyers, we needed to be in about joke.


We were in the beginning briefed to deliver a traditional marketing campaign, using the worldwide TVC & virtual possessions, that were dedicated to scaled brand name recognition, and believed that kids already knew the need for safer sex.

Considering the Romanian-specific public context, we all understood this mightnt be adequate to reverse the sales drop. While the concept commander, Durex must decide to try something totally new that would manage the education gap, and normalise talks about condoms.

We all suggested a striking manner of truly engage our very own market, and sit Durex separated:

  • Start with influencers with a drama background, leveraging anekdoty to provide secure gender communications through quality.
  • Placed real parties in the middle for the campaign to retain the non-public / conversational disposition of sexual joking amongst teens.
  • Offer people the equipment to produce secure intercourse a part of their particular daily laugh interactions clear of the life from the main activations.

All of us determined drama demonstrate because finest route for the communication as 25per cent your desired venture out about once/week, over sixty percent of teenagers favor comedies to any additional genre and 40percent take comedians on social networks. At these events, we will has the company’s undivided consideration, and a medium through which they can staying extremely open to information about condoms.

To ensure that attendees truly decided an element of an organic and natural conversation, laughs might possibly be in improv formatting, just where comedians obtain suggestions from your crowd, and now have generate witty responses immediately. This would merely do the job in the event the replies are real and individual, and Durex courageously conformed about the comedians might have whole innovative licenses staying just as excessive when they wished.

To make certain size, the queries and reactions would subsequently generally be changed into bite-size movies, excellent for utilization in social revealing.


Most people partnered with Ceva Marunt & Una Scurta, an improv team who are greatly favored by youthful Romanians (number 1 roast videos of 2019) because of their excessive, no-limits drama fashion, to provide a 16-city comedy visit. Trip features comprise converted into short-form video to reveal a wider target audience their irreverent adopt in the arena in risk-free sexual intercourse.

The journey am mocked across personal, making use of content very similar to what people who attended could assume in the occasions. It was the first time quality had been made use of by a brandname for these a sensitive field locally, therefore we required a confident party. As luck would have it, this content would be amazingly well-received, with seats attempting to sell outside very quickly; in fact, want had been expensive that four more concerts comprise added to major places.

The comedy indicates themselves were the most important illustrate, offering both a frank and humorous chat about safer intercourse, and incredibly traditional substance for individuals who havent was able to ranking seats. To build up actions not to mention debate, every attendee was given a no cost Durex Slimfit condom.

Focused videos had been formulated each regarding the five members of la Scurta, and utilized as public advertisements, electronic wealth and in store campaigns.

Or settled delivery, most of the written content am housed on a dedicated section of the Durex site, which simply have jokes on the subject of safer intercourse, also instructional information from comedians, aiding men and women to pick the best Slimfit product on their behalf.

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